• Nature, & still photography.
  • Photo prints, books, cards, calendars, etc.
  • Individual, & small group photos.
  • Photo art.

About Me...

I have always enjoyed taking photos, then reviewing them, and picturing myself back in the moment, when the photo was taken.  Pictures speak loudly, and can touch our inner soul.  It is awesome to be moved by a photo, and feel like you could just walk into it, and be there, in that moment in time.

It is my hope that my photos will inspire people by allowing them to feel like they are there, in the moment... and that they can feel the emotion of the photo, or in the beauty of the photo art.

There are so many opportunities to capture the beauty that God has created, through photos, and art.  I hope you will enjoy, and be inspired.

Photos by Liesa


by Liesa West

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*Satisfaction is guaranteed.  However, if you are looking for extreme precision, and perfection, you may want to contact a more seasoned, and formal, professional photographer.  I am a casual, fun, and simple photographer, who has a passion for bringing photos to life.

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